Thursday, April 30, 2009

I have absolutely nothing interesting to say at the moment, and I thought everyone should know. Flaunt it, baby! ;)

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Beyind the Lyrics to Who Will Find Me now posted on myspace, facebook and my blogs. :)

Behind the Lyrics: “Who Will Find Me”

Behind the Lyrics: “Who Will Find Me”

When I originally wrote Who Will Find Me, I thought of it in terms of a love song, unrequited love reaching out to the one who needs her, to the one who has been carried away by the world and it’s distractions from what really matters most, love. She lovingly reaches out to him to come back. In his darkened midnight eyes, she sees the way to create a sunrise in his life. After the lyrics were written, I read through them to make sure they made sense to me. All of a sudden it hit me, this is God’s love song to humanity. I had no idea I had even written it, but it was so evident to me that it was there. We are the lost one and he is reaching out, beckoning us to find the more beautiful life that can only be found in Him. We get lost in the silver winter skies, in the wind and the fire and the midnight. But beyond is a beautiful life and stillness and life in the morning light. This beautiful life, which we can find, is for the now as well as the future. The city of shining light is heaven. And the way God sees us is forgiven, perfect, in a place where the roses bloom whereas we may view ourselves with condemnation and in a dark place. And “who will find me” is just what God says because honestly, no one wants to find Him these days. Everybody has some reason to want to push Him away. I love it when my songs have double meanings. I prefer to write about everything in life, and then let there be these hidden double messages about spirituality, but this song really has a double message without my intentionally putting it there, and when I saw it I was blown away.

Today, I got this in my email inbox and it reminded me of my lyrics to the song so I’ll include the link:

Who Will Find Me Lyrics
In a world of desire,
oh who would come and catch you when you fall
in the wind and the fire?
oh who would come to save you?
High above any danger…
Locked inside the tower of your mind,
dreams are veiled; passion blinded.
Safe from fear and fire.
Oh who will find me?
In your midnight eyes, I see a summer sunrise.
Fly far beyond these silver winter skies.
I see a beautiful life. Oh, come and get away.
Do you see the horizon?
Walk upon the water, you will find
all is still and yet alive
in the morning light.
Oh who will find me?
In your midnight eyes, I see a summer sunrise.
Fly far beyond these silver winter skies.
I see a beautiful life. Oh, come and get away.
Dance dance in the morning light.
Open your darkened eyes.
Hey, hey, it’s a beautiful day.
It’ll be ok. It’ll be ok.
Take a look, spin around, this is where I find you… where the roses bloom.
Leave your cares, leave your fears, leave them all behind you… yeayah.
It’s a beautiful day in the city of shining light.
It’s a beautiful day. This is where I find you… yeayah
Oh who will find me?
In your midnight eyes, I see a summer sunrise.
Come and get away.

Friday, April 24, 2009

When you're fighting for all or nothing, nothing is what you get. But when all you've got is nothing, everything is a gift.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

but it's all right. when it's all dark I'll find the light of day. I know I need to post another behind the lyrics blog. soon, I promise.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

nerves. hate em.

Monday, April 20, 2009

hot hot weather, running through the sprinklers, and ac inside= perfect day

Friday, April 17, 2009

had AMAZING time performing w/Roger Shah in San Fran. To the audience there singing along, thank you. I was blown away by your enthusiasm!

Friday, April 10, 2009

exhausted. just finished packing for gig in San Fran with DJ Shah tomorrow evening. hope I can sleep on the plane!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I think I'm going to kill this service called ping.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

content or restless

today I see how much I need to practice contentedness in the midst of chaos and beauty. I find myself reaching for everything instead of reveling in what is. and rest is being replaced with restlessness. it's time for a revamp of the soul. it's sunday after all, and I want to conquer the world. today is a day of rest, and the world can wait. but it is hard to appreciate the beauty in the midst of the chaos. I need tunnel vision. But then again, I think as you focus on it, it becomes more evident to the point where you no longer see the chaos but are smitten, truly in love with the beauty that has been given to you. It's my time to turn my eyes that direction.

I've decided to become more personal and real in my blogs (today, see how long it lasts) so here's a taste of my day, and my heart, and my deepest thoughts at this moment.

I think we all deal with this on a daily basis anyway, in this world where we are constantly told we don't have enough, we aren't enough, and other people have it better.

But we have so much to be grateful for.